Exciting DVD Youth & Adult Programs with Study Guides

  • The Teen Timeline:  8 sessions on the Bible.

  • Make You Think:  3 DVD sets each with sessions on values. 
  1. 1.Self-Worth;   Honesty;   Purpose … 3-15 minute clips
  2. 2.Respect;   Love;   Perseverance … 3-14 minute clips
  3. 3.Responsibility;   Hope;   Giving … 3-8 minute clips
  • Stuck In A Rut:  5 sessions:  Pride, Romance, Sex, Pornography, Social Life, Food, and Dangerous Fads.
  • Nooma:  24 individual sessions with 12 to 15 minute DVD presentations with varied topics of interest.

  • Teen Scenes and More Teen Scenes:   8 sessions 4-6 minutes in length.  Plagiarism;  Shoplifting;  Peer Pressure;  Gossip/Cliques;  Bullies;  Chastity;  Alcohol;  Racism.
  • Theology of the Body for Teens:   12 lessons each 20-25 minutes long.  Separate guys and Girls segments.
  • Theology of the Body for Middle School:  8 sessions for grades 6 to 8 with a 30-minute Parent’s Session;   
  • The World I Know: Virtues In Action:  10 sessions:  Fairness;  Conscience;  Faith;  Empathy;  Kindness;  Hope; Self-Control;  Acceptance;  Respect;  Love.  Each about 25 minutes in length.

  • What Science Says about God:  5 sessions;  Can Science Disprove God?  Is There Evidence for a Creator in the Universe?  Is the Universe Random and Meaningless?  Does the Bible Conflict with Science?  Does the Bible Conflict with Evolution?


Short Clips to begin, enhance, or end a gathering/sharing with youth:

  • Stories
  • Ripple Effect
  • Shorts
  • The Creed
  • Outside Da Box, example:


Adult Programs with DVD and Study Guides:  All these programs under “DVD 248 and the first three letters of the authors’ last name.

Example: Why do we believe in God? by Robert Barron 

  • All Robert Barron Programs:
    • Catholicism:  10-60 minute talks; study Guide; Leader’s Book;  DVD 248 BAR for all

    • Conversion:  8-  with the introduction

    • Eucharist:  5-   with the introduction

    • The New Evangelization: 

    • Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues:  8-   with the introduction

    • Untold Blessings:  7-sessions with the Introduction

    • The Christ:  8 Lectures approx. 30 minutes each;  Alfred McBride, O.Praem

    • The Faithful Revolution (Vatican II) DVD 262.5 VAT;   5-2 hr. or 10-30 min. sessions on DVD, study guide

    • All Ron Rolheiser Programs:  DVD 248 ROL 11 programs; see these items using the author’s last name.

    • Oremus: A Guide to Catholic Prayer;  3-DVDs; 8 sessions each 30 min.  Leader's Guide and Workbook.

    • Foundations of Christianity:  Michael Himes;  5-sessions each 25 min. with Leader’s Guide.

    • The Vision of Vatican II Today: M. Himes;  5-sessions each 25 min. with Leader’s Guide.

    • Sharing Christ: D. Nodar & D. Martin;  on Evangelization;  Guides.

    • Touching Jesus through the Church:  M. D’Ambrosio;  8 talks (a Catholic follow-up to the Alpha Program)

    • Feast of Faith: the Eucharist;  4-part program each part 21-24 min.   with Leader’s guide

    • Catholics Listening to God: M. Coleridge;  7 talks about 60 min. each;  short guide for each talk.

    • The Footprints of God series:  9 DVD each about 75 min. Chapters within with questions for each chapter.

    • The Apostles:  A 10-part series with a total of 260 minutes

    • Symbolon, The Catholic Faith Explained:  E. Sri;  10-sessions

    • Pope John XIII:  Movie with questions on p.15 in the insert.  200 minutes

    • Pope Paul VI:   Movie with questions on p.15 in the insert.  200 minutes

    • Pope John Paul II:   Movie with questions on p.12-23 in the insert.  180 minutes

    • Blessed Earth: Hope for Creation; Part I;  6 sessions from 10-15 min. with a guide

    • Blessed Earth: Hope for Humanity; Part II;  6 sessions from 10-15 min. with a guide


Bible-Based Resources & Catechism of the Catholic Church:   with DVD and Study Guides:

  • Adventures in Matthew:  12-DVDs each 55-60 min.  24 sessions with Jeff Cavins

  • The Gospel According to Luke:  12-17 to 20 min. sessions;  Little Rock Scripture Staff

  • The Synoptics (Matthew, Mark, Luke):  3-DVDs no time given; 4 sections per month, so 5 mon.+2 weeks

  • Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come:  6-DVDs no time given;  10 sessions with Jeff Cavins

  • Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom:  10-DVDs each 55-60 min.  20 sessions with Jeff Cavins

  • Exodus: Called to Freedom:  3-DVDs each 23-30 min.  10 sessions with Dr. Tim Gray

  • The Bible Timeline for Adults:  12-DVDs each 55-60 min.  24 sessions with Jeff Cavins & Tim Gray

  • Pillar I, The Creed, CCC:  12-45 minute presentations;  Sean Innerst

  • Pillar II. The Sacraments, CCC:  12-45 minute presentations;  Sean Innerst


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