Resource Centre Policy Update

Resource Centre Up-date : In order to better use and share our resource material, the following regulations are in effect as of September 2015:

  • Afour-week limit on borrowing, then a notice will be sent out
  • Items may be renewed for another two weeks only if no one has asked for them
  • No more than 15 items can be signed out at any one time
  • A limit of two items from the same category of items taken out
  • The person checking out an item is responsible for that resource
  • That person will be required to pay for lost or damaged items
  • Parishes may make special arrangements for long-term use of lengthy study programs or those that are more expensive
  • Parishes would be encouraged to buy materials for long-term use after previewing the copy from the Resource Centre
  • All materials may be borrowed in person or by phoning, mailing, faxing or e-mailing the Resource Centre.
  • When a person comes to the Resource Centre, all materials must be signed out when they leave.  If no one is at the desk, there is a sign-out book that can be used to transcribe your name, etc. and the last six digits of the small rectangular barcode.
  • The Resource Centre will be responsible for the costs of shipping materials to the borrower. The borrower will be responsible for the cost of returning the AV materials only.  For books only, no return payment is needed if you use the return label found in your shipment.



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