Reasons for a Church Wedding

In the Catholic Church marriage is a sacrament. A sacrament is an encounter with God; the sacrament of marriage is God's encounter with you, the couple, and the celebration of God's presence in the midst of the assembly -- the family and friends who have come to celebrate with you.Sacraments are never private affairs; they are public celebrations of the love of God for his people. The sacrament of marriage is not just the union of two people; it is also a reverencing of the Christian life, that is, of what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

- p. 6 (from "When Love is Found" by Jeanne Cotter and David Haas, pp. 2-3)

We ask you to reflect on the following questions in order to help you prepare yourselves better for this most important day of your life. Try to answer them together honestly.

  1. Why are we having a "church wedding"?
  2. Why do we want to be married in the Catholic faith?
  3. How can we plan our church wedding to show that it is a celebration of faith?
  4. How much thought and time do we need to make our wedding ceremony say what we want to say about our relationship to one another? To God? To the Church?
  5. Why do we believe that marriage is a sacrament?
  6. How can we put God at the centre of the celebration and our marriage?
  7. By our choice to be married in the Church, how are we proclaiming our desire to live out our marriage commitment in the midst of the Church, which is not a building or institution, but a community of people?
  8. How does the wedding ceremony we are planning give praise to God for the love we have found in each other?
  9. How is our wedding going to be a "new" beginning for us and our relationship with God?
  10. How is our wedding celebration going to be an experience of prayer and transformation for our families and friends? (p. 6)

The Church cherishes this vocation of marriage and therefore wants to protect it by helping the couple prepare for it the best way possible.

A period of preparation for marriage is intended to help couples:

  • realize that even true love, wonderful as it many seem, is fragile
  • set out on their life adventure aware that love will require 
    forgetting oneself, making every effort to dialogue and
    forgive, and taking time to listen, share and learn
  • understand that marriage is really a love to be born again each day.

Couples who are to be married in the Diocese of Prince Albert are obliged to take part in a process of marriage preparation (Engaged Encounter weekend, Marriage Preparation program, pre-marriage inventory and counselling 
resources such as "Enrich", or prescribed reading, videos, question-and-answer workbooks to be discussed with their pastor.

There should be preferably four months of preparation prior to the marriage following the initial contact with the parish priest or the person delegated to perform marriages in that parish. These activities are offered to the couples as tools to help them understand each other more fully, to develop richer communication between them and to give the couple a clearer understanding of the meaning of Christian marriage. (p. 7)


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