When you click on the Search button, the screen will display a list of results.This is a sample of part of the results page for a Subject search on "Eucharist"

At the Beginning of the search result page you will find a statement about the number of entries that can be found in the database for the search you have performed. That top portion of the search results is displayed below:

Prince Albert Diocese
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Title Amanda Goes to Mass
Author Angers, JoAnn Marie
Subject The Mass First Communion Eucharist 

Dewey V 264.02036 ANG
Publisher Twenty-Third Publications

Title Avec Lui et tous les autres
Author Bonneau, Françoise, 1951-, Gingras, Yves.
Subject Eucharistie Initiation Sacramentelle - Eucharistie 

Dewey V 264.02036 AVE
Publisher Centre Viréo

Title Awe-Inspiring Rites of Initiation, The : The Origins of the R.C.I.A.
Author Yarnold, Edward
Subject Liturgy Sacraments of Initiation Baptism - Sermons Confirmation - Sermons Eucharist - Sermons Initiation Rites 

Dewey 265.13 Yar
ISBN 081462281x
Publisher The Liturgical Press

You will notice the following:

The Title is given as the first item, followed by the Author, Category, and Subject. "Dewey" refers to that item's call number in the Resource Centre library. You will notice that in the first and second example it begins with an "V" and in the last example it begins with a number. When an entry begins with a "V" it indicates the item is a video tape. When it begins with a number it is usually a book. Other beginning entry letters used are:

  • A for Audio tape

  • CD for a music Compact Disc

  • C for a computer program

  • REF for Reference material

At the end of each page, the following entry appears

You can page through the results using these buttons. You may exit the program at any time.


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