Reasons for a Church Wedding

In the Catholic Church marriage is a sacrament. A sacrament is an encounter with God; the sacrament of marriage is God's encounter with you, the couple, and the celebration of God's presence in the midst of the assembly -- the family and friends who have come to celebrate with you.Sacraments are never private affairs; they are public celebrations of the love of God for his people. The sacrament of marriage…

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Catechism References

Catechism References

The Unity and Indissolubility of Marriage

Conjugal love...demands indissolubility and faithfulness in definitive mutual giving; and it is open to fertility.
- p. 4 (Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 1643)

The unity of marriage, distinctly recognized by our Lord, is made clear in the equal personal dignity which must be accorded to man and wife in mutual and unreserved affection.
- p. 4 (Catechism, no. 1645)

The Fidelity…

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