Good Friday Collection 2016 Press Release - English and French

This year, the Papal Collection for the Holy Places will be held on Good Friday, March 25, 2016. Christians living in Holy Land today are descendants to those who first believed and lived the Christian faith. Christians in the Holy Land face special challenges- many of which we hear about in the daily news.

Many now find themselves victims of war and persecution. Many have been forced to leave their…

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Finance Manager, Roger Paulhus

Finance Manager, Roger Paulhus

Diocesan finances includes: Payroll and group insurance for priest and employees, accounts payable and receivable, investments, and provide financial reports to the Finance committee and diocesan programs.

Oversee and aid with parish finances includes: arranging Catholic Mission in Canada grants, loans for parishes and priests

Assess the parish Cathedraticum and insurance premiums

Helpful resource for all things financial including: insurance, investments, properties and immigration.


Roger Paulhus
Finance Manager
306-922-4747 ext. 225 …

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National/ Diocesan Collections

National/ Diocesan Collections

There are six national and one diocesan collections that are requested by the church yearly. The dates of these special collections will be listed at the end of the collection explanations. The special collections are as follows:

1.Development and Peace:

The Bishops of Canada endorse the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace. Each Lent, in co-operation with other churches, they continue to bring the needs of the Third…

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