Lineamenta: The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and Contemporary World

Letter from Bishop Thévenot, M. Afr.To all the faithful of the Diocese of Prince Albert,

Greetings of peace to you as we journey through the first month of the New Year; the weather is warm and the sky is bright giving us the impression that spring will soon be here!

Last October, some of us followed very closely the development and discussion at the III Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Family that was taking place in Rome. Through this Synod that focused on the theme “The pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelization” we received two documents.

  1. Lineamenta: The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and Contemporary World, a document that was written to encourage bishops to invite the participation of all the Church so that they can enter into discussion and take a pastoral inventory on the realities of family today. The document can be found at the following website:                            :
  2. Questions on the Lineamenta, a document to attempt to foster a deeper reflection on this reality in order to better determine and identify the challenges we face.

The Questions on the Lineamenta is a working document that will be discussed at the 2015 Synod this fall. Once again, the Church would like to listen to what we have to say on family life today, here in Saskatchewan. Therefore, I am sending a copy of the questionnaire that is divided into four sections for you to review.

  1. Better Identifying the Reality
  2. Bringing About Pastoral Conversion
  3. Proclaiming the Good News
  4. Paths of Action

As the questionnaire is lengthy and may not seem relevant to every parishioner, I would encourage you to take the time to express your thoughts, wishes, and ideas by answering only one, several, or if you like, all of the questions, but to focus on areas that concern you the most.

This exercise may be done in groups or by individuals. E.g. bible study group, husband and wife, a family, pastor, parish councils etc… It would be good if your parish had multiple persons or groups participating. Each parish, with their priest, are to decide how this project should be implemented into their parish community.

The Questionnaire is available in two formats:

  1. Handwritten Hard Copy. In this format, you will need to print the document and fill in by hand. A space has been provided between each question allowing you the opportunity for a written response.
  2. Fillable Electronic Copy: This is an electronic format. Save a copy into your computer and type directly into the fillable section.

After the responses are completed, direct them to the dean of your deanery by February 20, 2014 who will compile all submissions of his area and send a Consolidated Report to the Diocese by the end of February. The Diocese is asked to forward its Report shortly afterward. This does not give us much time. Therefore, it is urgent that we try to find a way of responding as quickly as possible.

Both documents, the Lineamenta and the Questions on the Lineamenta, are on the website at and have been forwarded to your pastor and parish office. You may contact them if a hard copy is needed. As well, included is a listing of parishes with each dean’s email and mailing address for those who are not forwarding their responses through the parish or priest.

 This project allows Rome to hear your voice. I encourage your participation.

May the Holy Spirit be with you and enlighten you, helping you to respond honestly, candidly, and in good conscience to aid in the future of the Mission of the Church.

Sincerely in Christ,                                                                       

+Albert Thévenot M. Afr.
Bishop of Prince Albert

Here is a list of all the parishes in our diocese, and with whom you would speak should you have any questions.

  • Deanery 1

    Deanery 2

    Deanery 3

    Deanery 4

    Deanery 5

    Deanery 6

    Fr. Travis Myrheim

    St. Michael Parish

    1505 –13th St W

    Prince Albert, SK

    S6V 3J7

    Fr. George Canto

    St. Eugene Parish

    P.O. Box 1150

    Nipawin, SK

    S0E 1E0

    Rev. Phinh Do

    Blessed Sacrament

    P.O. Box 160

    Duck Lake, SK

    S0K 1J0

    Rev. Sebastian Kunnath

    St. Jean Baptiste

    P.O. Box 70

    Debden, SK

    S0J 0S0

    Rev. Anthony Afangide, MSP

    St. Joseph Calasanctius

    1942 – 98th St

    N. Battleford, SK

    S9A 1S8

    Fr. Janusz Bizewski

    Assumption of BVM

    P.O. Box 279

    St. Walburg, SK

    S0M 2T0




    Big River



    Birch Hills

    Carrot River


    Blaine Lake


    Big Island

    Christopher Lake


    Bonne Madonne (S)

    Chitek Lake (S)

    Cut Knife


    Prince Albert

    Hudson Bay




    Green Lake

    Sturgeon Lake


    Duck Lake



    Loon Lake



    One Arrow



    Look Lake Reserve







    St. Laurent (S)



    Meadow Lake

    Porcupine Pl

    St. Louis



    Mudie Lake

    St. Brieux

    Tarnopol (S)



    Onion Lake





    Paradise Hill

    Zenon Park






    Shell Lake

    N. Battleford

    St. Walburg





    Red Pheasant





    Chitek Lake (S)




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