What is Responsible Ministry?

The Pastoral Approach to Responsible Ministry and its guidelines are to help us fulfill our responsibilities to provide as safe and nurturing environment as possible for children, youth and vulnerable adults. In partnership with parents and caregivers, we seek to provide quality care and instruction.  In this way, we are better enabled to promote spiritual growth at every age level.

Please note, these requirements are only for those working with children, youth and vulnerable adults.  The ministries are listed in a binder at your parish.

  • All parishioners who are in a High Risk Ministry position (children, youth, vulnerable adults) are initially required to complete ministry forms, submit a Police Records Check and view a 2-hour ministry session on DVD.  Preparing for Responsible Ministry Paperwork forms for the Diocese is a one-time task completed once in the same parish. It can be transferred to other parishes in the Diocese of Prince Albert.

  • Each year, volunteers are asked to view a 1-hour refresher Responsible Ministry Session on video.  If viewed individually at home, a multiple choice question sheet is given to the volunteer and asked to be sent to the Responsible Ministry office.  If the video is viewed as a group at the parish, or as two or more in a family home, the multiple choice question sheet is not required.  
    This has often been a chance for parishioners, priests and staff to socialize.  It's a great opportunity to build personal relationships in our communities.

  • A Police Record Check renewal is required every 5 years. All Diocesan Staff, Priests, Parish Staff, Administrators, Pastoral Assistants and Agents submit a Police Record Check to the office of Responsible Ministry every three years.  

  • Each priest and parish has been sent a copy of the initial 2-hour Responsible Ministry session and multiple choice questions, as well as the 1-hour refresher .

Within every parish, the priest, parish council chair and a member of the community make up the committee entitled the Parish Responsible Ministry Committee (PRMC).  This committees review their strategies at the beginning and throughout each ministry year to ensure all volunteers receive training, files are updated, and the physical environment of each ministry follows guidelines.  

For more information contact:

Andrea Langlois
Responsible Ministry
Phone: 922-4747 ext. 228
Email: programsecretary@padiocese.ca 





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