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Regarding hosting an activity, to which we invite other parishes.  Protocols stipulate that all attending youth must be properly registered.  That raises questions.  For example, let's say our parish hosts a NET Encounter Day and invites other parishes to participate.  This invitation is sent to the leader of the other parish for distribution.  The youth arrive on their own (parents / friends drive younger ones, older ones drive themselves).  These youth are not registered at their own parish.

1. Are we to trust that the other parishes or their designates will be in attendance and has assured that all minor attendees are properly registered, and that he/she has the health information forms with them?  Or, are we supposed to stipulate that this must happen in order for their youth to attend?

2. We would have no way of knowing how many minor attendees we would have from guest parishes.  We may not have enough screened people on hand for the numbers in attendance.  Are we to stipulate that the visiting parishes must send enough unrelated screened chaperones with their youth (2 for the first 12 kids + 1 for each up to six additional kids)?

I understand that youth may attend as "visitors", however, I hesitate to allow it.  If the youth attend once without registration, most often the second time they attend something at that parish again, I find there are hassles about filling out paperwork.  I usually make the rule of completing the forms the first time, that way it is easier all around.  Of course, if someone has a cousin or friend visiting from out of town for example, we make an exception and have them join us. 

Is this all ok?


  • The "Host" Leader/Parish is responsible for collecting the:
    • Appendix 11b Form, Extraordinary Activity Parent/Guardian Consent Form - from each participant and sending them into the diocese at the end of the event.

  • The "Guest" Leader/Parish is responsible for distributing all forms to their own group (usually Youth Group, etc.), collecting an:
    • Appendix 9 - Children/Youth Registration Form Image Release and Parent Guardian Consent Form &
    • Appendix 10 - Health Information for Children/Youth and Parent/Guardian Consent for their parish use and handing over the
    • Appendix 11 to the "Host" Leader/Parish.



Are Catholic school teachers automatically considered screened by the Diocese, meaning that they do not need to be screened through their Parish?


They do still need to be screened by their parishes.  It is a great opportunity to have a good conversation with the Priest and/or Screening Committee about their program they are involved in, progress, goals, etc.  It's a great learning experience and time for conversation. 




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