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In a recent pastoral letter, our Bishop suggested that our parishes use to DVD programmes as part of their Adult Faith Education activities this fall and in the spring of next year.  These study resources were chosen as a means of answering Pope Benedict’s proclamation for the Universal Church to observe a Year of Faith, beginning on October 11th of this year.  Significantly this date coincides with the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, and a special Synod of Bishops will be convened in Rome on this date to discuss the New Evangelization.  These resources also compliment the material presented in the recent Diocesan workshops on the CCCB document, On Good Soil.

The first of these video programmes is entitled Conversion:  Following the Call of Christ.  In it Fr. Robert Barron, a noted spiritual teacher, presents six biblical stories illustrating different aspects of conversion:  the healing of blind Bartimaeus, the call of Matthew, the woman at the well, the rich young man, Jonah, and the journey of the Magi. 

The second, Untold Blessings:  Three Paths to Holiness, considers what it takes to be a follower of Christ.

Each programme has a 20 minute video presentation.  An accompanying study guide and workbook presents questions for understanding, reflection and discussion.  These materials are available from  A reference copy is available for inspection in the office of Adult Faith Education at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre. 

For further information, contact Fr. Matthew Nguyen at 306-763-2319 or


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