Kateri Tekakwitha Jamboree

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This year on October 21, Kateri Tekakwitha will be recognized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. This Mohawk woman who died in 1680 is the first aboriginal person in the United States or Canada to be recognized as a saint.

For her full story and other photos, visit the Adult Faith Education page: http://padiocese.ca/diocesan-programs19/adult-faith-education/414-the-life-of-st-kateri-tekakwitha.html

Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church, Sturgeon Lake First Nation, is taking the occasion to host a celebration of faith and spirituality with a jamboree at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, St. Laurent SK.

The theme is "Kateri, Bring Us Home". The focus on Tuesday, August 14 is “Families” and on Wednesday, August 15th is “Youth”. The jamboree will lead up to the annual August 15 evening celebration at the St. Laurent Shrine, 7 km North of Duck Lake on Hwy 11.

Elders will lead us in prayer. We will have gospel music provided by local Cree and Dene singers and by Ojibway singers from Ontario. Father Milton McWatch, an Ojibway Catholic priest from Ontario, will address us on Tuesday and lead healing prayer both days. Chelsea Greyeyes, will be the youth speaker addressing us on Wednesday.

Guest speaker is Fr. Milton McWatch, an Ojibway priest. Featured artists present are Jake Felix, Carl Crane, Brenda Montgrand, Larry Gagnon, Roger Desmoulin, Judy Tsannie and Dolores Sand. 

Overnight camping is available at 306.467.4447. Donors will be acknowledged at the event.  


Tuesday, August 14

1:00 pm Welcome and Opening Prayer
1:30 pm Music
2:30 pm Guest Speaker – Fr. Milton McWatch
3:00 pm Music
4:00 pm Healing Prayer
4:30 pm Closing
7:30 pm Mass

Wednesday, August 15

9:00 am Pipe Ceremony
1:00 pm Welcome and Opening Prayer
1:30 pm Music
2:30 pm Guest Speaker – Chelsea Greyeyes
3:00 pm Music
4:00 pm Healing Prayer
4:30 pm Closing

* Usual Shrine Pilgrimage in the evening



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