Adult Faith Education DVD Programs

In a recent pastoral letter, our Bishop suggested that our parishes use to DVD programmes as part of their Adult Faith Education activities this fall and in the spring of next year.  These study resources were chosen as a means of answering Pope Benedict’s proclamation for the Universal Church to observe a Year of Faith, beginning on October 11th of this year.  Significantly this date coincides with the 50th anniversary of…

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Read the Bible in a Year

On November 12, 2010, Pope Benedict issued his Apostolic Exhortation, Verbum Domini, in which he reiterates the thoughts of the recent Synod on the Word of God, held in Rome in 2008. The bishops attending strongly urged all the faithful to recognize ‘the encounter with Jesus, the Word of God made flesh, as an event of grace that reoccurs in the reading and hearing of Sacred Scripture.’

If we never spoke with…

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'Lent--a time to respond to Love with love'.

As you know, Lent is a season of preparation for the celebration of the Paschal Mysteries—the events of the last week of our Lord’s earthly life when He won for us our eternal salvation by His death and resurrection. Since the days of the early church these forty days were set apart for considering our relationship with God and our neighbour and how we live out that relationship in prayer,…

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Scandal, Canon Law, and the Roman Catholic Church

During the past few months, several people have contacted the Adult Faith Education Office concerned about what the media has reported regarding the Church’s role in dealing with accusations of sexual abuse on the part of her clergy. Some are quick to condemn the Church for failing to act appropriately. While the Church has much to repent of, as our Pope has made very clear, not all of the accusations…

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