History of our Diocese

by Pauline Ford, previously a Diocesan Archivist           

            With the arrival at Red River of Reverend Joseph-Norbert Provencher, July 16, 1818, the tiny seed of the Roman Catholic faith was sown in Western Canada.

            Within the present limits of the Diocese of Prince Albert, the first missionaries to say Mass and offer the sacraments to the people were Fathers Norbert Blanchet and Modeste Demers, missionaries, on their way to Oregon.…

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75 Years of History in Loon Lake

Submitted by Barbara Tracey

In the early 1930s, the area north of St. Walburg was opened up to homesteaders. The C.N.R. proposed to construct a railroad line north from St. Walburg to the intended town site of Loon Lake, and continue on to Bonnyville, AB. As a result of this proposal, many settlers moved into the district, and among them were Roman Catholics who were desirous of building a church in which to worship.…

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A Walk In History

A Walk In History

 This photo, of a wedding party in front of the original Sacred Heart Cathedral (1892-1914) dates to circa 1900.The Bishop's Palace (1894-1973) is visible in the background. The photo was donated to the archives by Roger St. Pierre. It was found in the family home in 1959.

The writing near the bottom of this photograph reads: "1st train into Prince Albert N.W.T. Sept., 1890".  Photo originates from the Saskatchewan…

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"If it is important to preserve what was said and done by Jesus, by the first Christian community, by the martyrs, it is equally important to preserve what is said and done by people of today, the present Christianity in the world."

The Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert preserve and organize recorded information in all formats that has been created or acquired by the diocese…

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